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Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 1096 Client reviews

Aaron N. | March 25, 2020

"Very friendly staff "

Scott M. | March 25, 2020

"Price is high compared to before"

Reginald A. | March 25, 2020

"Not all haircuts take the same amount of time. A senior like me, 83, with thinning hair really take little time but we pay the full price that a young person with a full head of hair pays. Also different cuts take more or less time. I would get more hair cuts if the cost was not so high. But to have a little hair trimmed on the side and a little taken off the top and pay nearly $20 dollars is over the top. You have good people working there and they all do their best to do a good job. Item # 2: If you really wanted to kick up the service and set yourself apart from the competition, a complimentary scalp and neck massage taking only a few minutes would go a long way to customer satisfaction. Bottom line to enhance business and customer desire to return, you want the customer to leave feeling better than when they came in. The old straight edge razor trim of edges is gone but it left you feeling good. Also, the soothing tonic made was icing on the cake, invigorating. A haircut is more than just styling hair, it is a personal service with many attending elements that a man looks forward to visiting. I can say the really good things about getting a haircut are in the past. Another thing is finding the right person who cuts your hair and provides the service a customer prefers. It seems to me there are hair stylist and barbers and we lost a lot when we lost barbers."

dave g. | March 23, 2020

"Friendly service, quality haircuts, the MVP program - when it can be performed (thank you for thinking of your customers and your associates)"

Chris W. | March 23, 2020

"Quick and friendly service!"

Jason S. | March 22, 2020

"Tawney is amazing. She understands how I want my haircut and does it well. "

ricky k. | March 22, 2020

"Nothing "

Kenny D. | March 22, 2020

"I enjoyed the conversation & professional stylist."

Kyle W. | March 21, 2020

"Short waiting time. App very useful for setting up appointment. Really like the GIBS products being sold at store. "

Rod S. | March 19, 2020

"Online appointment system did not work. "